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Glazier Insurance: What insurance coverage do glaziers need?

Glazier insurance

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As a glazier, you are responsible for installing glass in windows, skylights, mirrors, and other fixtures in residences and buildings. Your work plays an important role in construction—from high-efficiency windows that keep a home’s temperature better regulated, to tempered glass doors that are less prone to breaking.

Having the proper insurance coverage in place can help you win new jobs, and provide peace of mind by protecting you financially if an unexpected disaster strikes.

What insurance coverage do I need as a glazier?

Some of the most common coverages for glaziers are listed below, along with relevant examples of incidents that would trigger these coverages.

How do I get glazier insurance?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing insurance for your glazier business—from the financial strength of an insurer to the pricing that you’re offered. A solid insurance package for your glazier business will be fairly customized, as no two businesses are the same, so it is particularly important to select an insurance provider that can build custom coverage to fit your specific needs.

When selecting an insurance company, there are three main factors you should look at:

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