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Embroker Commercial Insurance Review

Though it might be one of the newcomers in the insurance market, Embroker has already made a name for itself since it was founded in 2015. Named one of the innovators transforming the future finance industry by Goldman Sachs and one of the most promising fintech companies in the world by CB Insights, Embroker is dedicated to revolutionizing the property and casualty insurance market. As a digital commercial insurance provider, Embroker uses the latest technology to make it easier for businesses to purchase tailored insurance policies at an affordable price. 

Embroker Pros and Cons

As with any insurance provider, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of Embroker:

  • Instant quotes and online buying
  • Industry-specific coverage
  • Expert advisors
  • Real-time claims tracking
  • Low premiums
  • 24/7 customer service

  • Not as long-established as other companies
  • No official ratings available
  • No mobile app

AdvisorSmith Rating for Embroker

Embroker Coverage Options

Embroker works with leading business insurance carriers to provide industry-specific protection for businesses, including those in “difficult-to-place” or emerging industries like crypto, cannabis, and aviation. 

Here’s a look at the commercial insurance products available through Embroker:

Embroker Cost

One of the clear advantages of going with Embroker is the cost. In fact, Embroker claims that with its suite of proprietary products, business owners can save an average of 20% on their premiums.

And a review on Embroker’s website from Sophia Yen of Pandia Health backed up that claim: 

“I thought we were getting the best price possible from my broker, but Embroker beat their price by 50%. It was so easy to fill out the information and to get an immediate quote. I highly recommend you check them out.”

Plus, for startups, Embroker has a handy Startup Package Calculator that helps business owners determine how much insurance will cost.

Embroker Ratings and Complaints

As one of the new kids on the insurance scene, Embroker doesn’t have many online reviews or ratings. Currently, Embroker isn’t rated by JD Power, AM Best, or the Better Business Bureau. But of the online reviews that we did find, the vast majority are positive. 

On, an insurance comparison platform, one anonymous reviewer commented:

“As a startup founder with plenty of things on my mind to take care of everyday to make sure our startup is set for success, Embroker was the right insurance company at the right time to make sure our startup is financially covered without spending much time, money and hassle.” 

It’s also worth noting that Embroker has been named one of the innovators shaping the future finance industry by Goldman Sachs and one of the most promising fintech companies in the world by CB Insights.

Embroker Digital Experience

Embroker’s digital experience may be as easy to use as they come. Embroker’s website is organized to make it very user-friendly; it’s easy to find what you’re looking for without having to click on a million different links. Their website allows you to get a quote online, file a claim or chat with a representative. And the Embroker dashboard for policyholders has even more options like real-time claims tracking and the ability to view coverage and premium comparison data for similar businesses.

However, some online reviews have noticed one drawback: Embroker doesn’t have a mobile app. 

Embroker Customer Service

Embroker provides multiple ways to get in touch with their customer service team. With 24/7 support, you can reach out to Embroker anytime – even if you wake up in the middle of the night with a burning insurance question that you’re dying to know the answer to. Embroker’s customer service is available via phone, email or live chat. Policyholders also get a personal account manager to look after their insurance needs.

Other Services and Features That Embroker Offers

On top of the various insurance products listed earlier, Embroker also offers employee benefits packages. Embroker’s employee benefits service is integrated with a business’s HR system and digitizes enrollment while creating benefits materials that are tailored for the business’s brand. There is also 24/7 access to benefits consultants. In today’s competitive job market, having robust employee benefits can make all the difference when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent, making this a convenient option for businesses.

What’s more, Embroker has partnered with First Insurance Funding to offer financing to all of its customers.

What is Embroker’s Claims Process?

Embroker’s claims support is definitely one of its standout features. Embroker encourages policyholders to get in touch with their personal broker as a first step to get support with preparing a high-quality claim submission. Embroker makes it easy to start the claim process online and provides a detailed overview of what the process involves. Plus, a helpful FAQ section addresses questions like “If I file a claim, will it impact how much I have to pay for my policy in the future?” and “When will I get paid?”.

Best of all, after a claim has been submitted, policyholders can get real-time updates through their account dashboard rather than being left in the dark about what’s happening with the claim. 

Though Embroker works with various carriers, it supports policyholders throughout the entire claims process.

How to Get Quotes From Embroker?

The only thing that might be easier than claims with Embroker’s is getting a quote. In fact, Embroker’s application process is so straightforward that it can sometimes take only 15 minutes to get coverage. 

Since Embroker is a digitally-based insurance company, it’s no surprise that it facilitates online quotes. Embroker simplifies getting online quotes for insurance products and can provide business owners with coverage recommendations. Licensed insurance professionals are also available to advise on specific insurance needs. 

Bottom Line: Is Embroker a Good Company?

The short answer: Absolutely. Whether you’re self-employed, getting a tech startup off the ground, or growing a successful manufacturing company, there’s no shortage of policies available through Embroker. 

Embroker’s wide range of commercial insurance products makes it an excellent choice for business owners looking to lower their insurance premiums without forfeiting convenience and customization. 

Plus, Embroker’s 24/7 support and claims tracking make it a standout in the property and casualty insurance market by providing policyholders with peace of mind about their coverage.

Alternatives to Embroker

If you’re not sure that Embroker meets your business’s needs, or just want to compare it to other providers, there are several similar alternatives. One alternative to Embroker would be Next Insurance. Next Insurance focuses on insurance products for small businesses and helps business owners have the confidence to take smart risks. Trusted by more than 300,000 small businesses, Next Insurance is BBB accredited with an A rating and has an A- (Excellent) for its financial strength from AM Best. 

Another alternative option is Huckleberry Insurance, which claims customers can purchase business insurance in less than five minutes. With instant quote comparisons for all products, Huckleberry is a convenient option for those looking to get traditional commercial insurance coverage in just a few minutes. Plus, with Huckleberry, a certificate of insurance can be in your inbox in less than a minute. Huckleberry also boasts an impressive 4.7 out of five stars on Trustpilot, with many reviewers praising the speed and responsiveness of dealing with Huckleberry.

Remember always to take the time to compare rates and coverage options between various insurance providers to find what will work best for your business.

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