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AmTrust Financial Commercial Insurance Review

AmTrust Financial’s motto is simply put, “Your Success is Our Policy.” The NYC-based insurance provider is a self-proclaimed leader in small to mid-sized business solutions with an emphasis on workers’ compensation. Their agents specialize in the needs of small business owners and stretch across various industries including: Healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, financial institutions, nonprofits, restaurants, offices, professional services and wholesale.

AmTrust Financial  Pros and Cons

AmTrust Financial seems to be made up of a diverse and agile team of agents that’s ready and willing to build your business the insurance policy of your dreams–but then what?

  • Specializes in small to mid-sized businesses
  • Online claims portal
  • Serves an array of industries
  • Insurance package options are available
  • Policy costs are believed to be affordable
  • Frustrating claims process
  • Surprise, unaccounted for audit costs
  • Poor customer service
  • Can’t get a quote online

AmTrust Financial Commercial Insurance Rating

AmTrust Financial Coverage Options

Amtrust offers a variety in small business commercial insurance options including: 

  1. Businessowners Policy: A BOP combines basic required coverages that you’d normally buy separately into one bundle for a lower premium. Potential BOP policies include general liability, property and business interruption, and you can add other coverages, like crime, cyber, and employee benefits coverage.
  1. Workers’ Compensation: A Workers’ Compensation policy from AmTrust Financial helps protect your business and your employees from a workplace injury.
  1. Commercial Package: These insurance packages can help safeguard against property damage and general liability claims. Policies can be as comprehensive as you need them to be and can best serve manufacturers, contractors, real estate lessors and businesses in the hospitality industry. 
  1. Cyber Insurance: Provides comprehensive financial protection and expert assistance to navigate a broad range of cyber threats to your company’s data, operations and reputation.
  1. EPLI: AmTrust Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects businesses from employment-related claims. Insured events include alleged discrimination, wrongful termination or demotion, sexual harassment and retaliation.
  1. General Liability: Protects small business owners from risks including employee injuries, property damage and reputational harm.
  1. Commercial Property: Helps get your business back to normal in the event that your company experiences losses due to fire, explosion, pipe bursts, storms, theft, vandalism, and flood and earthquake (when this type of coverage has been added to the policy). 
  1. Excess & Surplus: E&S insurance is a specialty insurance market for high-risk exposures that are often hard to find coverage for from a standard carrier.

AmTrust Financial Cost

Amtrust claims to always seek to deliver their superior services at a rate that’s both fair and affordable. All that being said, like with any insurance company various factors will impact your final policy cost. Your business size, industry, location, revenue and number of employees will all be considered when determining the cost of your insurance plan. Of course, the kind of coverage you desire will also influence the final number. 

AmTrust Financial Ratings and Complaints

The insurance provider is proud to share that they hold an A- (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best. However, AmTrust Financial has a C- Rating from the Better Business Bureau and has received 1 out of 5 stars thanks to lackluster reviews. 

AmTrust has received 2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, a third party review site. There one reviewer from September 2022 had the following complaint to share:

“Had them for Workers Comp coverage. Ten years, had zero claims. Then they demanded an audit of my company. Provided information requested, only to have them come back and ask for ten times more info. Did not have the time or energy to accommodate them since I had ZERO CLAIMS. Got a new quote and dropped them. SO they sent me to collections for the un-done audit. Keep in mind, we never filed a claim, ever. But they are still harassing me for money despite the fact they no longer provide coverage.”

There were various reviews similar to the above that portray surprise audit costs for reports that were never rendered. This most definitely should serve as a warning sign to potential AmTrust customers–if you do purchase a policy through them, be sure to inquire about annual audits and do your best to record the response provided. 

Further, this review from April 2022 is not unlike others, “These scammers took my premium and deposit then canceled my policy 4 days later without notifying me and still have not refunded my money. Do not do business with these scam artists. I’m reporting them for fraud to my bank to have the charges reversed.”

AmTrust Financial does not appear to perform well with consumers who need to file a claim–no matter how many years or premiums they’ve had prior to an incident. 

AmTrust Financial Insurance Digital Experience

AmTrust’s website caters to both the job seeker and insurance shopper, so it can take a little time to get oriented up front. When looking for a new insurance policy, you can shop by insurance type or industry. If you choose to navigate via the industry option each page will offer recommended coverage types. This is a nice option for someone who is unsure of the plan or coverage types that they may need. 

AmTrust Financial Insurance Customer Service

You can contact AmTrust’s customer service team in a few ways with the most direct form of contact being by phone. You can reach their team at 877-528-7878. Overall, AmTrust’s reviews do not single out the customer service experience in particular–most issues seem to be connected to the claims department. That being said, it does not seem like their customer service does much to rectify situations that have gone bad. 

Other Services and Features That AmTrust Financial Offers

AmTrust also has a Title division as well as an AmTrust EXEC offering which is made up of an experienced underwriting team that delivers solutions for the unique risks facing executives at privately- and publicly-held companies. 

What Is AmTrust Financial’s Claims Process?

You can submit or review claims online or by phone at 888-239-3909. You can also fax: 877-207-3961 and email: For claims related to workers’ compensation, you can call: 888-239-3909, fax: 775-908-3724 or 877-669-9140, and email:

How to Get Quotes From AmTrust Financial  

To receive a quote from AmTrust Financial you have to connect with an agent. You can be put in contact with an agent that specializes in your industry or coverage type by filling out an online form

Bottom Line: Is AmTrust Financial a Good Company?

AmTrust Finacial’s tagline, “We don’t simply take advantage of opportunities…we build a future with them,” may come off a bit cringey after reading just a handful of reviews. It may seem that in the eyes of their customers, AmTrust does in fact take advantage of opportunities, with those opportunities being self-serving and not in the best interest of their insured customers. With so many other insurance provider options to choose from, we think it’s safe to say that it’s better to pass on AmTrust and find better coverage elsewhere. 

Alternatives to AmTrust Financial Insurance

Embroker is a trusted provider that offers the same insurance coverage options as AmTrust–and more. Plus, the insurance disruptor has an excellent customer service rating and has claimed our top overall spot for Best Insurance Companies for Startups. CoverWallet is another viable option that has scored high on our AdvisorSmith ratings scale. This company will work to collect quotes from various providers and an agent will discuss your options with you, so that you can be a part of the process in finding the best plan for your business. Chubb is another trusted name in the insurance industry. It has favorable reviews and satisfaction ratings, plus it’s a worldwide provider. 

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